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Envii Labs produces premium private label shampoo derived from plants and organic ingredients to nourish and strengthen hair. We have conducted extensive testing to produce just the right formula that includes vitamins, protein, and antioxidants along with other ingredients such as aloe vera that leave hair healthy and moisturized. We have invested the resources and time so that you, the retailer, don’t have to. It’s that simple!

A Quick and Profitable Path to Market

As a retailer, you sell the private label shampoo produced by Envii Labs under your retail brand name. You design your own packaging with your branding. It’s brilliant! The model of purchasing private label shampoo has efficiencies and significant benefits—it reduces the investment of resources and time needed to start from square one in formulating a premium shampoo.

Conducting the testing and retesting required to develop a high-quality shampoo has a lengthy timeline as you experiment with the right combination of ingredients. After all the testing, the shampoo may not turn out as you envisioned. The advantage of leveraging a private label is that you can purchase our already market-tested shampoo and then sell it immediately under your brand with a fraction of the investment required to develop your own shampoo.

Calculating Profit Margins

Using a private label shampoo is a quick and profitable sales strategy. Let’s break it down for you: say you purchase our Gentle Cleansing Shampoo costing $7.20 per unit. If you order 60 or more, the price is lowered to $6.12 per unit. Take the price of $6.12for the bulk purchase and add $3.50, which is the estimated cost for packaging and shipping. The total is $9.62. As a retailer, you then sell the shampoo at a cost of $20 -$45, which leaves a profit of $10.38 – $35.38 per unit. These are amazing profit margins! Our low minimums for our private label shampoo make it cost-efficient for retailers to get started or add to existing product lines. Our shampoos are market-tested, highly rated, and in-demand!

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