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We produce premium private label hair care products formulated to nourish and strengthen hair. We use only plant-derived and organic ingredients in our shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.

Envii Labs has invested the time and resources to produce hair care products that our customers want to buy. We’ve gone through extensive testing to come up with just the right ingredients. Our haircare products contain vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. We infuse our hair products with special ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil that leave hair healthy and moisturized.

Private Label Hair Care Saves Time and Money

A private label hair care product is produced by us and then sold under your retail brand name. As a retailer, you design your own packaging. Buying from a private label manufacturer significantly reduces the startup costs required to create a new hair care product from scratch and bring it to market.

Developing a new haircare product likely would require thousands of dollars of investment, and the risk is that the product may not come out as intended. The advantage of using a private label is that you can use our hair care products to get started or add to an existing haircare product with little investment.

How the Profit Margins Work

Using a private label hair care product can yield quick profits. Let’s use our Intense Hydrating Shampoo as an example. This shampoo has a starting price of $7 per unit. If you order 60 or more, the price is $5.95 per unit. Take the unit price of $5.95for quantities of 60+ and add $3.50—the estimated cost for packaging and shipping. That brings your total to $9.45. As a retailer, you sell the shampoo for $20 - $45, leaving a profit of $10.55 – $35.55 per unit!

We offer low minimums to facilitate getting started with our private label hair care. Our products have been in the market for years and are proven and in demand!

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