Do you struggle with hair growth or retaining length?

Well, you’re not alone!

Although genetics play a huge role in the rate in which your hair grows, there are still some proven methods in which you can stimulate hair follicles and generate new cell growth.

There is no secret to the role essential oils play when it pertains to our health and healing, but did you know that essential oils also serve as a major component to achieving stronger, longer and healthier hair? Check out the top winners for hair growth, below:


Rosemary essential oil treats dry and scaly scalp while stimulating hair follicles. As a result, hair will grow longer and stronger.


Lavender essential oil is quite popular for its soothing and therapeutic properties, but it also is known to promote hair growth. This oil is excellent for preventing itching and dandruff. In addition, it reduces hair loss and makes hair soft and shiny.


Eucalyptus essential oil stimulates hair follicles. It works to bring down inflammation in the scalp which creates an ideal environment for hair growth.

there are still some proven methods in which you can stimulate hair follicles and generate new cell growth.


Sandalwood essential oil moisturizes and hydrates dry flaky skin. Stimulates hair growth and promotes luscious locks. This wonderful oil also nourishes dry and unruly hair.


Grapefruit essential oil promotes healthy hair and hair regrowth. It also leaves the hair shiny and lustrous. Acts as a de-tangler and is full of vitamin C.


Neroli essential oil is an exotic oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. This oil ranks high on the list for hair benefits, but is quite expensive. Neroli helps keep the scalp clean with its antibacterial properties and promotes the generation of new cells. There are several reasons to consider including this oil into your hair regimen.

If you are in the market for hair care products that contain these essential oils, try Envii Haircare’s products. Each product is formulated and designed to optimize hair growth and retain moisture.

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Monday 30th January 2023

What's the recipe for essential oils for hair loss for wemon?

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